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How to receive and send money in our system

The initiator of the money transfer should
1. Download Mobile Money mobile app on the App Store or Google Play
2. Check Mobile Money's cooperation with the sender and recipient's mobile operator
3. Top up your mobile wallet, from which money will be transferred to the addressee
4. Transfer the amount from your mobile wallet to the recipient's mobile phone
5. The recipient will receive money on his mobile account within a few minutes

Transaction Fees
Unlike classical money transfer systems, Mobile Money system does not increase the commission, which depends on the amount of transfer. Thanks to...

Mobile Money System African expats

The Mobile Money system is designed to help labor migrants in send money from Europe to their home in the South African region with the lowest possible commission from a mobile phone at any time of the day.
Thus, their relatives in Africa can feel the warmth and support of their loved one 24/7.

In 2018, the international crypto-community recognized the Mobile Money system (a project of the Bank4you Group) as a promising innovative IT solution in the money transfer market. This is confirmed by the fact that the Mobile Money ICO which ended in March 2018, collected about $ 8 million for the...

The BEEFY token

Besides of the fact that with the aid of the Mobile Money system you significantly save on the commission, the Mobile Money system offers you the possibility of additional earnings.

You do not believe it is possible?