Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
Can money not reach the addressee which I've sent?

No, it is a priori impossible. Mobile payment will be reached sender from recipient with guarantee. Responsibility for a shipment and delivery is borne your mobile operator

How quickly will the addressee receive money from me (the sender)?

Recipient (recipient) receive mobile payment from the sender within a few minutes

At what time of a day should I make a transfer?

You can make a transfer at any time of a day and any day of a week. The system operates 24/7

In case of any additional questions, where can I appeal?

We have round-the-clock support and in case of any questions you can contact our contact details, which are listed in the section “About”

Can the transfer fee be changed?

Transfer fee depends on the country from which and to which the payment is sent. You can see all current information about the commission in the “Transfer” section

Why should I use Mobile Money instead of another system?

Mobile Money is the first mobile money transfer system in the world that builds a consortium of mobile operators around the world. The role of transferring money from the sender to the addressee is performed by mobile operators. In the same way as you send a message from your mobile phone to another person’s mobile phone, Mobile Money will be executed in the same way safely and efficiently.

In addition to performing mobile transfer operations, Mobile Money system offers the possibility of additional earnings in the form of acquiring your BEEFY token, which is traded on Mercatox crypto-exchange.

The Mobile Money system is the only mobile money transfer system in the world today that functions on blockchain technology and guarantees the security and efficiency of all operations performed, including the purchase and transfer to another person on your behalf of BEEFY tokens

How to become a business partner?

Bank4You Group invites mobile operators from all around the world to the cooperation. We guarantee the commission for our Business partners depending on the number of transactions made through their network.
For cooperation send us e-mail: